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The ICS company has been established in 1988 by joining the most experienced utilization engineers in different fields of dispatching control centers , substation automation systems(DCS), ICT & telecommunication whom were active in Water, electricity, oil and Gas Industries for many years. The main purpose of the ICS Company has always been offering the technical and engineering services which could lead to the best solutions with most efficient performance in Energy Supply systems and over the years this target has led us to be a part of many foundational Projects as supplier and Integrator company.

The consistency of The ICS Company in the field of energy has been a key role to have the honor of collaboration or representation of many respected institutions and corporations at this field. In this regard, ICS has supplied the essential equipment and technical services for intelligentization of the Energy supply Systems network from a wide range of international companies. This support has been done from different aspects and necessities of the Energy networks and has changed according to Logistics and the developments of the Technology through the years.

The commitment of ICS Company has led it to different fields of Energy Systems Smart Grids, from implementing the Radio Microwaves to construction of Dispatching Centers and to supplying and implementing other different equipment such as PDH, SDH, RTU, TPS, PLC …

As always ICS is finding new ways to present the best and tends to build up the next adventure and find the new business companions.