Technical Consulting

we offering these services might help a company install equipment for remote work.

This role could also include:

  • Custom software development
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Security analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Scaling issues
  • Manage and advise on technology tools
  • Competitive tech analysis
  • Training

we often work with a business’s executives, leaders, and senior managers. They might also advise on the strategic or financial sides of technology and software. For example, talking about how to invest in cost-efficient systems or how to integrate the Internet of Things across departments.

  • Liaising with clients and stakeholders to determine project requirements.
  • Determining project parameters, timelines and deliverables.
  • Building and maintaining an expert knowledge of technology solutions.
  • Designing and testing a range of software and technical solutions.
  • Driving the rapid adoption of new technologies, ideas and processes.
  • Creating user and training documentation and overseeing training sessions.
  • Using data modelling and analysis to inform and illustrate solutions.
  • Developing functional specifications for developers to implement.
  • Creating testing and deployment processes and plans, and overseeing deployments.
  • Being first point of contact and providing guidance and advice for the duration of a project.

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