Synchronous operation of the first unit of the gas section of the Dalhousie combined cycle power plant project took place after passing the necessary tests, and this unit is ready for official start-up.
Dalahu combined cycle power plant has a nominal capacity of 910 MW and consists of two 310 MW class F gas units, two boiler units, one 290 MW steam unit and ACC cooling system.
The construction of this power plant was done using new units with high efficiency (56 percent) and its unique features include the fact that 49 percent of the power plant equipment is built inside and the design and implementation of the main cooling structure (ACC) with its concrete base. In January 2017, it was introduced and honored as “the best concrete project of the country” by the concrete research center.

The launch of the Dalahu combined cycle power plant, in addition to its significant contribution to the increase in electricity production in the country and the supply of electricity needed during the peak consumption of 2018, will lead to the prosperity and economic progress of the western region of the country, as well as the creation of businesses for educated local youth. .

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